‘3 Greatest People In My Youth Were White’: Jim Brown Demolishes CNN’s Race Baiting Questions- Watch

If they thought that would go any other way, they were seriously mistaking who this man is. Listen as NFL Legend Jim Brown shuts down CNN reporter Anderson Cooper after he attempts to get him to attack Trump and admit blacks must stand up to whites. TAKE THAT, Anderson! We’ve had enough of your left-wing bullcrap!

VIA|Brown appeared on CNN with host Anderson Cooper who naturally tried to get the football great to attack Trump and wallow in the left’s typical race hate. But Brown didn’t fall for it. Not only did Brown say that he came to like Donald Trump in their recent face-to-face meeting, but Brown wasn’t afraid to say that some of the greatest people in his life were white people.

“In terms of the people that President Trump’s going to have around him, the Cabinet, um, predominately white, predominantly male,” Anderson led. “Is, is that a concern to you?”

Brown probably didn’t give Anderson the anwere he expected, and also said it was un-American not to accept the results of the election.

I could have sat back and said, ‘Well, Hillary didn’t win, I’m just going to sit on my butt and complain,’” Brown told CNN’s Cooper. “But see, the one thing about this country, if you get off your butt and you apply yourself, you can be successful. But if you want to be delivered, you’re talking about the wrong country.”

“A lot of the black people in my community might think I’m a sellout by saying this. The three greatest people in my life as a young person were white,” Brown added. “My high school superintendent, my high school coach and a graduate of Manhasset High, Kenny Molloy who was a mentor to your truly. And so I’m not a person who really deals in color.”

Brown’s excellent appearance with Cooper is a model, many are now saying. The Trump Super PAC, for instance, needled far left, openly bitter actress Alyssa Milano for her constant twitter attacks on Republicans in general and Donald Trump in particular.

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