A Man Dies During Bungee Jump Because Of Cord That Was Too Long

Hey all you adrenaline junkies…you gotta see this! In a tragic turn of events, a man attempting to have the time of his life bungee jumps off a railway bridge. Sounds fun right? Well..not if the guy who designed it didn’t measure your bungee cord properly. This guy’s lust for adrenaline lead to his demise…in front of his entire family.

Sending lots of prayers…

Check it out:

VIA| Tragic footage has emerged of a Brazilian man bungee jumping from a railway bridge that went wrong.

36-year-old Fábio Ezequiel de Moraes had launched himself from 40 metres, aiming for the landing area below but missed because the cord itself was too long.

The video, recorded in São Paulo, Brazil, cuts just prior to the horrific conclusion.

Moraes’ wife and son, six, were reported to be there with him at the time of the incident.

The young child was allegedly gearing up to jump with his dad before opting out.

Warning: Although we have cut it, it’s still distressing.

In bungee jumping, men outnumber women in a ratio of 10:1 in both injuries and fatality rates.

You can find out more about the safety of bungee jumping here.

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