Black Santa Goes To Jail After Cops Discover What’s In His Big Red Bag

Well that was an entertaining arrest! LOL This photo is going viral after santa trips over his pants sending him tumbling..and landing him in a pair of handcuffs. This has to be one of the most entertaining Santa stories to date. What a guy…

VIA| Although this is supposed to be a jolly time of year, it seems that it is anything but for one Saint Nick. As it turns out, a picture is going viral after Santa was hauled off to jail – but when cops revealed what you can’t see, well, that’s what really got everyone’s attention.
For reasons unknown, Isaac Geiger decided to hit the streets of Jacksonville, Florida, dressed as Santa, but he quickly received a bit more attention than he initially wanted. In fact, police noticed a trend in a few brow-raising calls and decided to head out to the area – and that’s when they noticed the man.

Police watched him go to and from the truck several times – with no one else approaching it. Authorities say when they approached this faux-Santa, he took off – running out of the parking lot. A large bag of marijuana was clearly visible in the driver’s seat of the van.

Officers say they gave chase and caught up to Geiger after he tripped on his Santa pants and fell into the dirt. He reportedly rolled onto his stomach and refused to let police put him in handcuffs. It took some time, but police eventually got Geiger into custody.


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