Racist Bully Savagely Beats And Torments White Teen As He Tries To Get On Bus, She Gets Wrecked

Racism comes from both sides. In this graphic video, a black teen girl is seen tormenting a large white kid as he tries to get on the school bus to head home. The lunatic punk began kicking the kid in the head until he loses it and decides to teach her an epic lesson. Bet she won’t be doing that again!

Via Conservative Tribune:

The boy easily overpowered the girl and put her in a WWE choke hold. Ironically enough, this is when another student stepped in and started punching the boy to try to make him stop.

Eventually, the boy released the bully and politely asked her is she was OK. The girl is quite visibly shaken, and we do not see if she replies to him or not because the video ends there.



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