Bus Driver Catches Man Who ‘Kicked Woman Down Stairs’ In Incredible Heroic Mission For Justice

An attack that happened back in October recently made its way around the internet. The world seemed to be in shock after the CCTV cameras captured the horrific attack and made it public. Well, thanks to a quick thinking and dedicated bus driver..he was able to capture the a$$hole and send him to jail. The world can now sleep better at night.

Here’s how he did it:

VIA| This nasty piece of work followed the woman at a metro station and seemed to laugh about the pain he inflicted upon her. She was hospitalised after the incident.

There is a slight silver lining, as he has now been caught and will face justice. According to the Daily Mail, this idiot could face anywhere from six months to 10 years in prison. It all depends on whether or not he’s convicted of having inflicted grievous bodily injury.

Stoykov, who is Bulgarian, reportedly fled to France where he hid with relatives to evade justice. However, he recently decided it was safe to travel back to Berlin. He and his wife boarded a coach where the driver was coincidentally Bulgarian. He overheard the suspect complaining about another passenger who was ‘speaking too loudly on the phone’. The coach driver and Stoykov spoke, and he realised who he was.

He then conversed to another passenger about Stoykov and they came up with a plan to inform the police.

They were waiting for him at the coach station in Berlin when he arrived.

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