Listen As CNN Gawks At at Dr. Ben Carson’s Position as HUD Secretary, Think They Are More Qualified

Ben Carson, a successful black man from the Inner City of Detroit, rose from the bottom to become one of the most successful surgeons of all time, and is now chosen as HUD secretary under President-elect Donald Trump. You would think liberals would congratulate him on winning a huge  position on a Historic Presidential Administration. But..being the hypocrites they are, if the black man is conservative..then he is the brunt of all jokes, and deemed ‘unqualified’ for any position offered.

Here’s a man who was raised in the inner city of Detroit, who rose up from poverty to become one of the greatest brain surgeons of our time…..and liberals mock him.


According to Truth Feed:

During a CNN broadcast, a panel comprised of four idiots and one Trump supporter, discussed Dr. Ben Carson as HUD secretary.

The four idiots treated Dr. Carson with disrespect, laughing at him, and mocking his abilities.

CNN is a clown show.

Watch the video:

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