DECISION To Cut Off Gas Deliveries To Trump Supporters By Gas Co Owner In Maine Will Probably Destroy His Business [AUDIO]

If I were someone that owned a business, it would’t really be any of my business who someone voted for. Sure, I might not like if someone voted for Hillary Clinton; but I am certainly not going to put their children at risk because of their bad decision.

That’s the problem with liberals, they always want to hang things over people’s heads and stamp their feet if they don’t get their way.

If you’re going to be childish enough to risk your business because your candidate didn’t win the election, at least be smart enough to consider the demographics of the area you’re attempting to punish with your actions… An owner of a propane dealership in Maine is refusing to deliver gas to anyone who voted for President-Elect Donald Trump.

Michael Turner, owner of Turner LP Gas in Skowhegan, Maine, recorded a voicemail greeting that leaves little question as to his feelings for those in his community who supported Trump. “Thank you for calling Turner LP Gas. If you voted for Donald Trump for president, I will no longer be delivering your gas — please find someone else,” the message states.

Turner isn’t the first person to refuse to do business with Trump voters — in late November, Mathew Blanchfield, CEO of an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based marketing firm, issued a statement saying he would no longer work with Trump supporters.

But unlike Blanchfield, who lives in a county that voted solidly for Hillary Clinton, Turner lives in a county that overwhelmingly supported Trump. Trump won Somerset County, Maine — in which Skowhegan is located — 57.73 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 35 percent.


In Skowhegan specifically, where Clinton performed better than Somerset County at large, Trump still received over 50 percent of the vote and had a 10-point lead on Clinton, according to rough figures published on Skowhegan’s town website.


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