Video: Man Gets The Beating Of A Lifetime After Father Catches Him Doing This To His Son…

We really do live in amazing times, where video cameras are in everyone hand, and just about every street corner. It’s difficult to get away with a whole lot. I bet this guy didn’t realize Big Brother was watching when he decided to do this to a small child. WTF?

VIA| The video showed a man standing with his back to the cash register counter, talking on his phone. An excited little boy ran up to the counter, ready to place an order. The man on the phone turned around and swiftly kicked the boy for no apparent reason.

It’s truly sad to see someone react so violently to a small child.

Perhaps the boy was expressing his excitement a little too loudly as the man tried to carry on a conversation on the phone. I suppose stepping outside to have that conversation was simply too much trouble.

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