Small Town Outraged After Father Protecting His Daughter Is Sentenced To 40-Yrs In Federal Prison

As fathers, we do ANYTHING in our power to make sure our children are safe. Which is why when one father found out his daughter was being sexually assaulted for 5 years, he decided to confront the abuser with a bullet. Now, people are outraged after he is sentenced to a 40-year jail sentence, which he will proudly serve knowing his daughter is now safe. What do you think? Would you have done the same thing?

¬†VIA| It’s a harrowing tale. Jay Maynor was sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing Raymond Earl Brooks in 2014, reports The Sun.

He pleaded guilty to shooting the man dead in November 2016 so that his daughter Julia, who had been sexually abused by Brooks between the ages of four and nine, didn’t have to testify in court and relive the awful experience.

Brooks was Julia’s adoptive maternal grandfather.

The registered sex offender was convicted in 2002 and spent 27 months in jail as well as paying restitution. But that wasn’t enough for Maynor, who shot him in an act of revenge.

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