Federal Judge Puts A Huge Block To Obama’s Horrendous Move That Would Force Christians To Pay For This…

I don’t much care what you do with your body. If you choose to abort your child or cut off your privates and pretend to be a girl, it is your constitutional right to do so…out of your own pocket. Insurance should not be required to cover those procedures. Thanks to ObamaCare, many well insured Americans are not even allowed necessary medical procedures to be covered such as mammograms. What makes it okay that the government pays preferential procedures such as sex changes? Did this loon really think it would pass? Welp, glad it didn’t. This is HUGE! It is lookin’ more and more like Trump’s America everyday!

VIA| That’s pretty clear by now.  We all know about the major flaws in the legislation but there are some aspects of Obamacare that the public doesn’t even really talk about.

Apparently, there is a provision in Obamacare that mandated abortion and transgender coverage in order to stop “sex discrimination”.

Which could obviously be a massive intrusion on religious freedom.

Looks like a federal judge put a stop to it.

For now…

From Life News:

Here’s another one which I hadn’t heard about. Apparently a regulation was promulgated that would have required abortion (and transgender issues) coverage as a means of preventing “sex discrimination.”

Now a judge has enjoined enforcement under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. From the Reuters story:

A federal judge in Texas on Saturday issued a court order barring enforcement of an Obama administration policy seeking to extend anti-discrimination protections under the Affordable Care Act to transgender health and abortion-related services.

The decision sides with Texas, seven other states and three Christian-affiliated healthcare groups challenging a rule that, according to the judge, defines sex bias to include “discrimination on the basis of gender identity and termination of pregnancy.”

Denying abortion coverage is sex discrimination? That kind of blatant term redefinitions (if you will) is one of the Left’s favorite weapons in the culture war they never cease waging.

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