Delusional Feminist’s Idea To Fix Human Equality Is To ‘Kill All Men, Including Children’- Watch

Feminists. They are a bunch of hot-headed, man hating dingbats that think women should be treated equally to men, except when women are treated better. None of it makes a whole lot of sense. Honestly..nothing ANY of them say ever does.

Take for instance, this chick, who previously called for a ‘Castration Day.’ She thinks any man that women see in the street MUST be killed; Including babies.


I’m still trying to figure that out…

Check it:

VIA| Meet Krista, a 22-year-old, southern criminology student with a three-year-old child. She calls herself the Femitheist and has a blog, YouTube channel, and is writing a book all about the “importance” of reducing the male population to roughly 1-10% in order to achieve world peace and “true equality.” Somehow, she expects this to end war, rape, and violence in general. Though this seems like trying to end violence by committing violence – because it is – she asserts that it is “the only logical solution.” Everything she proposes to do for, to, and against men (and women) directly violates the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP). Terrifyingly, she has spawned a gaggle of followers that believe in selective breeding, male-only abortions, and an International Castration Day. She asserts that men of all ages would need to attend a castration ceremony, and murdered if they refuse. Don’t worry, though, the men’s spouses and mothers have the option to “milk the male” before castration if they want a sperm sample.

She recently backpedaled on her “Castration Day” plans, stating it was all a big, angry, joke of misunderstanding, and that she does not support circumcision (two different things). However, her belief in “the ratio” and how it must be accomplished still stands.

Nothing says “peace” quite like genital mutilation, eugenics, and murder. Oh, and slavery. There’s slavery, too.

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