This Week’s Biggest News Story Just BUSTED…Media Got This headline From 2012

A huge mainstream media story this week noted that Russia was caught cheering when Donald Trump won the US election. As they heard this ‘news’ liberals fell over themselves to prove that Russia ‘cheering’ Trump on was evidence that the president-elect couldn’t be trusted. But what about when they ran the SAME STORY 4 YEARS AGO about Russia cheering on Obama’s re-election as a good thing? Did the media just forget that the American people have access to the internet and can go look these things up?

VIA| Liberals will pretend like this is some new phenomena. “The Kremlin cheers Trump’s election!” making the news over and over again draws attention to what Trump critics think of as a special event.

They have either forgotten history, or they want you to forget it.

ABC News reported in 2012, “Kremlin Cheers Obama’s Re-Election.”

From ABC News:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a congratulatory note to President Obama after his re-election Tuesday, his spokesman said Putin is also expected to call Obama personally “in the near future.”

“In general, the Kremlin took the news about Barack Obama’s victory in the elections very positively,” spokesman Dmitri Peskov said, according to the Interfax news agency.

Putin, a man bent on drawing closer and closer to dictatorship, congratulated Obama’s win? He must think America is taking a step in his direction. At least, that’s what liberals are saying now that the same thing is happening again, but with a Republican taking office.

ABC News continues:

“Obama is an understandable and predictable partner,” Medvedev added.

“There have been both successes and failures in the reset of Russia-U.S. relations, and this policy should be carried on,” he said, suggesting that now U.S.-Russian relations will “be basically normal.”

In an interview with the Moscow News today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow is prepared to cooperate with the Obama administration, saying “We are prepared to go as far as the U.S. Administration is prepared to go on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and mutual respect.”

So, taking steps to improve relations with Russia is good when Democrats are perceived to do it, and bad when Trump does.

That’s a convenient spin for the media to take.

Here’s what they’re doing now, to make Americans believe Trump just loves Putin, and Putin loves Trump, and this is unique to our new President-elect. This is just a short list of media focus on the Kremlin “celebrating” Trump’s victory:

Washington Post: U.S. Intercepts Capture Senior Russian Officials Celebrating Trump Win

CBS News: Russians rejoice in Trump’s win, but America’s allies are anxious

Buzzfeed: Senior Russian Officials Reportedly Celebrated Trump’s Win

NPR: Trump Supporters in Moscow Bar Cheer Next U.S. President

Yahoo: Senior Russian Officials Cheered Donald Trump’s Win in Intercepted Communications

Note when reading through these stories that if it feels like the media is misleading you, it’s because it is.

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