The People Are Sick To Their Stomach After They Find Out What George Soros Just Did

Evil George Soros has been in the spotlight most recently for financing the violent riots and protests around the United States. He even bussed in rioters to certain towns to ensure chaos, and it looks like he isn’t done inciting it. What he just did will make you want to knock him and his cronies off the face of the earth.

VIA| George Soros has been in the spotlight for financing the riots and protests around the countries, even bussing in rioters to certain places and now it appears that he is ready to commit even more money to the chaos he’s started.

Soros only wants to cause upset around the country because his candidate Hillary Clinton went down in flames on election night.

Soros has donated millions to the democrats over the years and is highly invested in them. He can’t be trusted and now he is trying to overthrow Trump’s election by causing enough unrest in the country that people will rise up.

George Soros must be stopped. These riots are nothing but a publicity stunt to spread fear.

According to the Independent:

Billionaire financier George Soros has pledged $10 million from his foundation to help combat the rise in reported hate crimes since Donald Trump won the US presidential election.

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