Trumps Delivers Great News About Taxes Across The Nation

It is so nice to have a President in the White House that is fighting to make American’s lives better, and as soon as possible!

Monday at the White House before a meeting with business leaders, President Donald Trump made his intentions clear as to what he wants to do with taxes. And we couldn’t be more stoked.

VIA| Trump said, “That’s what we want. we want to start making our products again.

We don’t want to bring them in, we want to make them here. that doesn’t mean we don’t trade because we do trade, but we want to make our products here.

If you look at some of the original great people that ran this country, you will see that they felt very strongly about that, about making products.

We’re going to start making our products. There will be advantages to companies that do, indeed, make our products here. We’ve seen it. It’s going to get — it’s going to be a wave — you watch. it’s going to be a wave.”

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