Unconscious Man Dangling From Chair Lift By His Neck Gets Cut Free From Hero Who Swoops In Like Batman

I’m not a huge fan of the skiing. Tumbling down a mountain with an ass full of snow as my face repeatedly hits the floor isn’t the worst part either. It’s getting of the stupid ski lift in the first place. I’m sure this guy can relate after he got himself in a situation where he was hanging from it from his neck. Luckily, a complete stranger sprung into action and saved this poor dudes life. Whew! That was a close one! Check it out:

VIA| Dang! This is better than the last action flick you saw. It’s the real deal.

When someone is unconscious, and dangling by his neck, you don’t have a lot of time to do a ‘by the book’ rescue.

This guy sprang into action. Climbed a tower. Tightrope-walked to the victim. Caught a knife, and cut him free.


A man who got tangled in an Arapahoe Basin chairlift Wednesday morning and was hanging unconscious from his neck was cut down by a professional slackliner who climbed up a lift tower, slid approximately 30 feet across the lift’s cable and cut him free with a knife tossed from ski patrollers.

They didn’t wait to find out if traditional rescue could arrive in time to save his life.

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