WTF? Hillary And Huma Just Spotted Together Looking Worn Out, Depressed Carrying Boxes Of Top-Secret Documents

Hillary and Huma were spotted together for the first time since the election at Hillary’s New York campaign office for 5 hours, and an unidentified woman was later seen walking Clinton to a waiting vehicle and sent her on her way with a box of documents.

Sketchy, right? Considering the duo is involved in some pretty twisted stuff involving the FBI.

The whole thing is bizarre, including Hillary’s friggin’ weird outfit.

Check it out:

VIA| Hillary Clinton and top aide Huma Abedin were pictured together on Thursday for the first time since losing the presidential election.

The pair chatted and Abedin smiled as they walked out of Clinton’s office in the Midtown neighborhood of New York City.

They had spent five hours inside the office before Abedin and an unidentified woman walked Clinton to a waiting vehicle and sent her on her way with a box of documents.

A third woman, who is unidentified, carried a box of files and documents to the car for Clinton

The lengthy meeting came in the week of an uncomfortable reminded of the final crisis to hit Clinton’s campaign, and Huma’s role in it: the unsealing of an FBI search warrant looking for secret emails on Abedin’s pervert estranged husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Clinton, her husband, Bill, and her aides have said that the FBI’s announcement of the renewed probe into her secret email server was a crucial factor in her election loss.

But the five-hour meeting shows that there is no bad blood between Clinton and Abedin over Weiner’s role in the defeat.

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