Islamic Refugees Storm Through Razor Wire Fences As The Battle For Europe Continues

A viral video of hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of M*slim refugees scaling a razor sharp wire fence is shocking to say the least. It shows just how desperate and determined they are to get into western countries, whether they are welcomed or not. Terrifying. Check it out:

VIA| Between 800 and 1,000 refugees and migrants scaled the razor wire-topped border fence in Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta, Saturday, with one man staying atop the fence until dawn on Sunday.

A crane was deployed by the security forces on hand to help many of those stuck on top. They were then escorted back into Morocco.

There is a large permanent refugee presence on the border of the two Spanish enclaves in north Africa; Ceuta and Melilla, comprising people of mainly Sub-Saharan African and Syrian origin.

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