Foxconn Considering $7 Billion Investment Into American Jobs

A little while back, Trump announced a $50 billion deal with SoftBank that would allow for 50,000 American jobs to be added to the economy. But what we didn’t realize is that opened the door to an additional $7 billion investment from their partners- Taiwan’s tech giant, Foxconn, to make flat panels in the United States.

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VIA| The head of Taiwan’s tech giant Foxconn confirmed Sunday he is considering a $7 billion investment to make flat panels in the United States in a joint project with Japan’s SoftBank.

US President Donald Trump had announced before taking office a $50 billion deal with SoftBank which he said would generate 50,000 jobs.

Trump was speaking last month alongside SoftBank’s chief executive Masayoshi Son, who displayed a document which indicated Softbank and Foxconn would “commit to invest $50bn + $7bn in US, generate 50k + 50k new jobs in US in next four years”.

Foxconn, a major supplier to Apple, had earlier said it was in “preliminary discussions” with US officials about a potential investment but gave no details.

“I have discussed with my major clients about going to (the US) and they are also willing to invest, including Apple,” Terry Gou told reporters in Taipei after the company’s year-end party.

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