BREAKING: Julian Assange Being Extradited To The United States

Obama and the Democrats want Julian Assange so badly that they were willing to free Chelsea Manning in return for Julian Assange. I get it. He completely exposed 8 years of pure want him to pay. Well, Julian Assange is true to his word and is standing by for extradition to the United States. Check this out:

VIA| Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have played a crucial part during the election and there hard work to expose the corruption in politics has exposed people like Hillary Clinton and John Podesta for the Political Puppeteers they really are.

Julian Assange does not see himself as some esteemed figurehead though because he is willing to sacrifice his own liberty for the freedom of someone that opened the door for other people to take the corruption they found in the United States government and expose it for the world to see.

Assange pledged to allow himself to be extradited to the United States for sentencing if Chelsea Manning was freed from her 35 year solitary confinement jail sentence.

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