The Number Of Liberal Gun Sales Have Skyrocketed! Maybe They Do Have Brains!

Liberals are in such ‘fear of Trump’ that they did what no one thought they had the balls to do. They went out and actually bought a gun to protect themselves. These guys never fail to surprise anyone. Perhaps deep down they are young conservatives at heart! They say they are scared…we say, they are waking up.

VIA| Honestly, I am sad that Donald Trump’s election made them feel the need to protect and arm themselves. But welcome to the world of feeling like your voice does not matter. It is not very fun, is it?

According to Breitbart:

…the “Liberal Gun Club,” which is “an actual club” with nine chapter and members in all 50 states,” says it saw a “huge” increase in interest once Trump was elected, as well as a subsequent surge in membership.

But the BBC suggests that “left-wingers” are not buying guns for the same reasons that people on the “right wing” side of the political spectrum might. In fact, BBC suggests “left-wingers” are buying guns to protect themselves from right-wingers and to prepare for “the collapse of society.”

BBC interviewed a transgender individual from California who explained that they would be carrying a gun from now on because they felt threatened by Donald Trump’s election. Interesting is it not? That now that this person sees it as favorable to arm themselves they are okay with concealed carrying……

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