Liberals Furious- LGBT Magazine Adds Disclaimer After MILO, Mike Pence Lead Person of the Year Poll

The LGBTQ Nation Person of the Year 2016 poll found that Milo Yiannopoulos was, by a long shot, the winner…with Mike Pence coming in second. Let’s just say they were definitely not happy about the results. So, In order to maintain credibility, they did not change the results but instead, they included a nice little disclaimer. Conservatives everywhere are poking fun. Check this out:

VIALGBTQ Nation has written a disclaimer after discovering that Breitbart’s resident gay thot MILO was in the lead for their LGBT Person of the Year poll.

“The LGBTQ Nation Person of the Year 2016 poll has only been open one week and already there is a clear leader: Milo Yiannopoulos,” declared LGBTQ Nation in the article. “It should be noted ‘Person of the Year’ isn’t an award or necessarily the recognition of someone beloved, but rather the result of an unscientific survey.”

“In short, it’s a popularity contest, not unlike those that chose singers to be ‘American Idols.’ The person or persons receiving the most votes by the contest’s end will be named LGBTQ Nation Person of the Year 2016,” they concluded.

LGBTQ Nation also revealed that Vice President-elect Mike Pence is currently in second place to win the LGBT Person of the Year recognition, followed by the survivors and families of the Pulse nightclub Islamic terrorist attack, Ellen DeGeneres, and Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda.


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