Dad Buys 7-Year-Old Son A Gun, Liberal Loses It…Until This Guy Steps In!

How would you react if you saw a father teaching his son gun safety at a young age? Would you congratulate him? Or if someone was upset at the father for buying the young man a gun, would you intervene? Well this guy did..and we LOVE his reaction! Check it out:

VIA| A man poses as a father to a son who turned five years-old. They stand at the counter of a gun shop and try out a small youth model 22 rifle. The man hands the gun to his son and tells him it is his birthday present while congratulating him on being mature enough for a gun of his own.

At this point, a woman walking around the store stops the man and jumps into the conversation saying to the father, “Excuse me, but seriously?! You’re giving a gun as a birthday present to a little kid?”

The father seems unconcerned as he answers the women telling her: “Don’t worry, I’ll teach him everything he needs to know to be safe.”

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