Lightning Fast Teen Snatches Robber’s Gun Instead Of Handing Over The Cash

An incredible video just came to light of a young convenience store worker who, thanks to quick thinking and hands, was able to swiftly disarm a man trying to rob him at his parent’s store. He’s one smoothe mother sucker! Check it out!

VIA| A criminal got quite a surprise when he tried to rob a store in Atlantic City on Monday.

Efaj Ahmed, 17, was working inside his parents’ convenience store when a man in a dark jacket, hood, and mask entered.

Ahmed described the incident to CBS:

“He comes over here with the plastic bag. There’s a gun in it. He opens it up and says ‘I have a gun. Give me all the money that you got right now.’”

The store’s surveillance footage shows the suspect setting an open bag and gun on the cashier counter.

That’s when Ahmed quickly reacted:

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