Tancredo: We Must Thank Barack Obama for Making Donald Trump Possible – And Inevitable

Ah, couldn’t have said it better myself! This guy hits the head on the nail when he reveals why Americans should thank Obama for creating such an amazing Revolution. It is incredible the amount of conservatives have come together in our country’s time of need, and we have OBAMA to thank for that!

VIA| On day two of the Trump presidency, Donald Trump is already the greatest president of the 21st Century, thanks to Barack Obama’s “legacy.” As for George Bush, technically he was elected at the end of the 20th century, so that’s another story. But William Jefferson Clinton’s eight years left America in good health compared to Barack Obama, the worst president in our history.

Ten weeks after the November 8 earthquake, our political establishment is still in shock over the American people’s choice of Donald John Trump to lead our great nation. Let’s explain it to them in the simplest of terms: Barack Obama was such a complete disaster in the Oval Office that voters demanded a 180-degree reversal in the direction of the country, not the small course correction offered by other candidates. Voters were willing to forgive Trump’s “ugly warts” because he promised a radical makeover, not a facelift.

Let’s itemize a few of Obama’s gifts to the Trump campaign. There are dozens, but a few stand out:

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