Man Cuts A Dead Shark’s Stomach Open On The Beach- What He Saw Inside Will Shock You

A video is making its rounds after a man finds dead shark on the beach. I don’t know what possesses him to cut open the creature..but what he finds inside will give you a shock of a lifetime.

VIA| A video went viral when this family discovered a dead shark washed up on a beach at Cape Town, South Africa.
After noticing movement in the animal’s stomach, the family suspected that it was pregnant. The man in the video decided to grab a knife to inspect what was inside.
He sliced the stomach open but only found organs, nothing out of the ordinary. As he went deeper, he went to another spot and cut the abdomen of the shark.
A sac began to show but the stomach was still moving. The man tried again, thinking that there were babies inside that needs to be saved.
Watch the full video here:

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