Barack Obama Inadvertently Exposed By Michelle – His Biggest Secret Made Public

The Mainstream Media is hard at work covering up everything they possibly can to blind the American people from seeing the truth.

A MASSIVE bombshell was discovered that puts Obama on full blast.

The White House is in panic mode, and it isn’t difficult to see why.

Check it out:

VIA| The Below image shows Michele Obama as Harrison J Bounel’s spouse born in 1890 and retired in Hawaii. Barack H. Obama II is using his SSN, below are documents showing he stole the SSN.  WHY?

What was Michelle doing list herself as the spouse of Harrison J Bounel?

Michelle needed to access certain files that Barack Obama was trying to conceal or delete and so she had to list herself as his spouse to obtain access to the file.

The Main Stream Media has completely ignored these facts, it they have looked at this document and did nothing they could be guilty of High Treason?

Below is proof that Barack H. Obama II is using Harry Bounel’s SSN, a dead man this is impossible to dispute.

Do you think the Main Stream Media is Corrupt for not printing the truth, sound off below in COMMENTS and let the World know we have a couple who knowingly committed High Treason in the White House?

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