Islamic Migrant Viciously Assaults Woman In Busy Street…and That Isn’t The Horrifying Part

It is clear that the religion of peace does not apply to how they treat their women or children or anyone who is not them. In a sick video that was just released, a man brutally attacks a woman in the middle of a busy street..and that isn’t the most horrifying part of all of this… check it out:

VIA| Barack Obama and his liberal followers are always talking about how peaceful Muslim “refugees” are and how they pose no threat to Western women. Videos like this, however, remind us that our women will never be safe as long as migrants are allowed to pour into our country from the Middle East.

Disturbing video footage shows a Muslim migrant brutally assault a woman on the streets of Hungary. Perhaps the most disturbing part of the footage is that nobody stopped to help the woman as the refugee showed just how little respect he really has for women.

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