Watch How Migrants React To Woman In Normal Clothes

I consider us a lucky bunch, that America woke up and elected a man who will will protect our nation from refugees we have no idea about. During the election, Trump  spoke strongly about implementing a ‘Muslim ban’ until we can find out who the Syrian refugees are and defeat ISIS. We must vet ANYONE who comes into this nation. It is because of videos like this that we know we have to protect our country, especially our wives and children, from monsters such as this. Check it out:

VIA| Obama may say that Muslim people aren’t dangerous, but you know that he’s not telling you the truth. We have a proof to back up this, and it’s more than obvious that women aren’t safe in nations invaded by Islamic transients.

The video below shows a young British lady who is annoyed by burqa-clad Muslims for wearing her regular clothes. Her “exposure” in broad daylight is tempting men, according to Conservative Patriot.

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