Nanny Cam Captures Incredible Moment 2-Year-Old Kid Gets Super Hero Strength To Save His Twin Brother

As a kid, your siblings are your entire life. I remember, my sister definitely was. And they say twins have an even tighter bond… Well, that is demonstrated this incredible nanny cam video, where a tiny 2-year-old kid pushes a massive dresser off of his twin brother after it fell on top of him. You gotta see this!

VIA| Dramatic nanny-cam video shows the unbelievable moment a toddler rescued his trapped twin brother after their bedroom dresser fell on top of him.

The 2½-year-old boys, Brock and Bowdy Shoff of Utah, can be seen in the video in their matching pajamas climbing on the dresser with the drawers open before the weight of the twins on the drawers causes the heavy piece of furniture to topple over directly on Brock.

The short clip, posted to YouTube by the boys’ mom, Kayli Shoff, shows little Bowdy looking around the bedroom and inspecting the fallen dresser as his brother looks visibly in distress under it.

Brock is trapped under the dresser for nearly two minutes before Bowdy first attempts to lift it off of Brock, but is unsuccessful.

Bowdy then miraculously uses his baby strength to push the dresser off of his brother just enough so that Brock can slip out from underneath to safety.

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