The Most Awkward New Year’s Countdown Is Actually Brilliant -Watch

Kind of looks like a joke..right? Kind of hard to figure out. Think of the most awkward position you have ever been in.. triple it, and there you have it. This, ladies and gentleman, is the most awkward thing to happen in 2016. Glad I didn’t spend it with this bunch…

VIA| It’s 2017! Happy New Year. What did you guys get up to on the very last day of the shit-fest that was 2016? Club? House party? Lay in bed crying ’cause things just aren’t what you thought they’d be at this point in your life?

Well, whatever you did, it must be better than what this rag-tag bunch got dragged into.

Aussie TV show The Loop decided to get normal members of the general public to count down to the New Year and painful to watch as you’d hope.

Now, if you listen carefully, the male host, who is way too happy, says they won this ‘prize’, but I think they may have been kidnapped and are being held against their will.

Look at the woman in the stripes, she is fuming with this absolute bullshit. She could be out at the Coconut Grove with her pals drinking Mai Tais and dancing with surfers, but she’s not, is she? She’s stuck here with two over-enthusiastic hosts and this poor bastard with his pom-poms.

This brings me on to the real star of the video – the poor bastard with the pom-poms. He’s been passed them and he’s thought, ‘ah, no. I’m not really…’ and then he’s just been pushed out on to the stage. Have you ever seen a more dejected face than this?

Credit: YouTube/Brisben/The Loop

He’s definitely one of those people who avoids New year’s eve because ‘it’s full of part-time drinkers and knobheads’ and now he’s here and it’s all so sad.

One woman is so pissed off she lashes a party popper at the female host.

The dude in what looks like an Illuminati top is just really hoping that none of his mates ever see this.

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