Obama Comes To The Rescue Of Terror Suspect That Threatened To Behead The Guards

Obama has proven his love for criminals and Islam during his Presidency, and even in the last few weeks of his time in office he continues to free people that have been a threat to our nation. Take for instance the most recent case, where he came to the rescue of a particular liking to a Gitmo prisoner who just recently threatened to behead the guards. Check this out:

VIA| A Guantanamo Bay detainee who reportedly once threatened to behead a guard was among the 22 of 59 prisoners tapped by President Barack Obama to be transferred out of the facility and thus effectively freed before Jan. 20.

As was reported by the Daily U.K. Mail via information reportedly obtained from an unnamed military source, the detainee in question was Muieen Abdal Sattar, an accused member of Al Qaeda who reportedly fought in the 2001 Battle of Tora Bora.

And according to a Department of Defense profile of Sattar available for review at The New York Times, he did indeed once threaten a guard in the manner claimed by the Daily Mail: “Detainee has also threatened to cut off a guard’s head.”

Note the use of the word “also.” That was not by accident.

“Since transfer to JTF-GTMO, detainee assumed a leadership position, incited mass disturbances, assaulted and threatened to kill JTF-GTMO personnell and made motivated speeches to ‘fight against the infidels’ and to kill Americans to include men, women, children, and babies,” the profile added.

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