Obama Gets Owned By Ford CEO After He Arrogantly Claims He Saved Ford

Obama is scrounging for any all evidence that proves he did something over the last 8 years that really MATTERED. He is having a difficult time, even attempting to claim Ford’s recent success. BIG MISTAKE. Ford’s Ceo Mark Shields just went on T.V. to make it clear- IT WASN’T OBAMA THAT KEPT THEM HERE. In fact..it was TRUMP.

You have to see this.

VIA| Obama mouthpiece, Josh Earnest, got caught in a massive lie recently. He tried to claim Obama saved Ford. He did not. Ford took no bailout money from Obama.

Trying to claim Ford’s recent success, Ford increased the number of its employees by 28,000, as his own Obama shows how out of touch he is.

And incompetent.Ford CEO Mark Shields went on TV to take Obama down a few notches. Which he does with ease, then he tells the world he is looking forward to Trump’s pro-growth economic ideas and thinks not only Ford but America has some very bright days ahead.

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