Oops- A Bill Signed By Obama And Hillary Gives Trump Authority To Build Border Wall

Ever since Trump mentioned the wall, there has been talk about how Congress might sign off on it. Well, word has it…it really doesn’t matter. Thanks to Hillary (and Obama), Congress has already passed a bill that authorizes a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Not only did you epically fail during your campaign for the 2016 Presidential Election giving us the win, you also built the bridge to manufacturing the ‘Trump wall’ -starting day one.

VIA| …The Secure Fence Act, passed with bipartisan support in 2006 including “yea” votes from then Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security to “take all actions the secretary determines necessary and appropriate to achieve and maintain operational control over the entire international land and maritime borders of the United States.”

According to the Washington Examiner’s Byron York:

Specifically, the law called for the usual mix of high-tech sensors, cameras, border checkpoints, vehicle barriers and other measures along the U.S.-Mexico border. And then it ordered Homeland Security to “provide for [at]* least 2 layers of reinforced fencing” and “the installation of additional physical barriers” for hundreds of miles on the southern border. For example, it ordered double fencing for the area “10 miles west of the Calexico, California port of entry to 5 miles east of the Douglas, Arizona, port of entry” — a span that would cover nearly the entire Arizona-Mexico border. The law ordered heavy fencing in other border areas as well.

The law’s reference to “at least” a double-layer fence, plus its mention of “additional physical barriers,” suggests that Congress specified the minimum amount that Homeland Security should do — not the maximum.

Well, would you look at that!


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