President Trump Gives 8000 Americans A New Years Gift They Will Never Forget…All While He Is On Vacation

While trump was on a classy vacation paid for on his own dime, (unlike the Obama’s) he didn’t shove side the job he is set out to do. While at his Mar a Largo estate in Palm Beach, Florida, he announced America is gaining 8,000 more jobs. THIS IS YYUUGE! Find who is coming back now!

VIA| President-elect Donald Trump announced Wednesday the addition of roughly 8,000 new jobs for Americans, including 5,000 that telecommunications giant Sprint will bring from “all around the world.”

“They’re coming back to the United States, which is a nice change,” he said.

Trump, who takes office January 20, said the other 3,000 jobs will be hires from a new company called One Web.

Trump was elected in part on the promise to return to the United States jobs that American companies had moved overseas, in search of cheaper labor costs.

Last month, he announced that Carrier would keep roughly 1,000 jobs in Indiana, after months of criticizing the air-conditioning corporation on the campaign trail for plans to move the jobs to Mexico.

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