Trump Just Declared War On #BLM Protesters

Trump is finally in office, and now it is time to restore the respect and stand up for our law enforcement officers. #BLM may want to think twice before they make any more threats, because there’s a new guy in charge and he doesn’t play! 2017 will be the end of the #BLM Movement. MARK MY WORDS!

VIA| TRUMP administration will take a different approach to criminal justice than Obama.

The White House just released six issue statements on its website, including one titled “Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community.”

In it, the Trump White House pledged to be a “law and order administration” while stopping what it characterized as a “dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America.”

Trump has promised to restore “law and order,” portrayed the country’s inner cities as ridden with crime, and criticized what he described as a “war on police.”

The statement also takes aim at protest movements such as Black Lives Matter and others who have demonstrated against what they view as discriminatory police actions and other social and economic inequities.

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