Retired Army Major Claims He Has Proof The Pentagon Was Not Hit By A Plane, But Something Much Worse

There his been a lot of buzz going around for years regarding the true facts of  what happened on 9/11. Some would call them conspiracies, and others would like to truly listen to what intelligence has found over the years. Well, one Army major has come out with claims that he has proof that a plane never hit the Pentagon. Hear him out:

VIA|In an interview, Albert N. Stubblebine III says he can conclusively prove that the Pentagon was not hit by a Boeing 757. reports:

All of the sensors around the Pentagon were turned off except one. That one sensor captured an image of the object that hit the Pentagon.  It looked like a missile.  But, after he went public, the imagery was changed to look like a plane.

The collapse of the twin towers was caused by controlled demolition – not the fuel from the airplane.

Larry Silverstein, the lease holder of the WTC complex, admitted that that building 7, which was not hit by a plane and had only a small fire, was intentionally “pulled” – which is phraseology used for controlled demolition.

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