Kellyanne PUNCHES Man In the Face Outside Event After Seeing What He Did

If there was any doubt in your mind that President Trump picked the perfect Senior Aide when he chose Kellyanne Conway, this right here is the proof.

The woman is a badass, and NOTHING will get passed her even if that means knocking out a dude twice her size. Yup. Seriously. Check this out:

VIA| The days of passivity in the presidency are over now that we have an assertive leader who hand-select a team of pro-active people who do whatever it takes to get things done, including putting two men in their place while wearing formal attire.

Kellyanne Conaway was in a formal dress when she saw what two men near her were trying to get away with and brutally ended it on her own with her fist.

While at the black tie Liberty Ball in Washington on Friday after the inauguration, two men within close proximity to Kellyanne, caught her attention.

Without of second of hesitation, Trump’s right-hand woman jumped in and did what needed to be done.

The male guests of the event dressed in tuxedos were taking the class out of the ball when they went to brawls and started punching each other.

With no other options on how to put an immediate end to their debauchery, Kellyanne jumped in and allegedly knocked the instigator out, then got back to the inauguration celebration as if nothing happened, Page Six reported.

Fox Business Start Charles Gasparino was the shocked witness to the incident who took to Facebook to describe what he saw Kellyanne do moments after he and a friend were personally attacked outside the formal event by rabid protesters.

He explained that the whole interaction between the senior aide and the two men lasted just a few minutes, and nobody was seriously hurt except perhaps the man’s ego who got his face pummeled by a woman who doesn’t pull any punches — literally.

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