Thug Gets A Serious Beatdown After Killing His Pregnant Girlfriend AND A Police Officer, He Had It Coming

A feral THUG named Markeith Lloyd got a BRUTAL dose of justice after killing his pregnant girlfriend, and later murdering a female cop in a Walmart parking lot. He was finally apprehended, and placed under arrest… but not without receiving the beating of a lifetime. If you kill women and children, you’ll get what is coming to you. BOOM! Check this out!

VIA| After first killing his pregnant girlfriend, then later, Orlando police officer in a Debra Clayton in a Walmart parking lot, and running from police for the past nine days, feral thug Markeith Lloyd was finally captured. No sooner did officers put Clayton’s cuffs on her killer’s wrists, he got the kind of justice a judge could never give that he definitely had coming.

Problems for Lloyd began when a witness at Walmart recognized him as a wanted man for having killed his pregnant ex-girlfriend and informed Clayton who happened to be at the store in shopping in her police uniform. When Clayton confronted Lloyd, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, he immediately opened fire on her, pummelling at least 9 rounds of ammunition into her body, resulting in her death. Since then, he’s been on the run from police and thought he was a free man until investigators tracked him down through his cell phone signal.


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