Terrorist Father Prepares Children For Suicide Mission On Film, MSM Desperately Hiding This One Detail

Recent disturbing footage of a Jihadist fighter in Syria shows just how far these radical Islamists will go in their efforts to wage Jihad. What you are about to watch is incredibly distressing. Consider yourself warned.

VIA|A Muslim father has actually brainwashed his daughters into committing jihad. But that’s not the most disturbing part, it’s very likely that these people were armed by Obama.

“When you finally have a free Syrian government, you will know them and they will know us,” Senior adviser on Syria Mark S. Ward said as Obama armed these people. JFS simply a front group for al Qaeda. Fast forward three years later, and both 2016 and the Obama administration are in their last throes.

When you look at this video you realize that you do not know this government at all. It is simply chilling to think that our President armed these people, who would send young children to murder others are die themselves.

There is an eerie calm in the air as the children listen to their father talking to their mother. “Why are you sending your daughters?” the man from behind the camera asks the mother. “One is seven and the other is eight. They’re young for jihad.”

“No one is too young for jihad,” the mother replies. “Jihad is a duty for every Muslim.” There is no emotion in their voices whatsoever.

Change the scene and the clothing and the parents could have been just as easily coaching their children for their part in a school Christmas program here in the States.

After this video surfaced, there was a terrorist attack at a police station in Damascus. A young girl who was similar to the one in the video allegedly asked to use the bathroom and then detonated a bomb. She was the only one who perished in the attack.

President Obama and John Kerry’s decision to arm these rebels in 2013 was a horrific mistake. The blood of these innocent children is on their hands.

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