Thug Sucker Punches Random Man, Shortly Realizes He Chose The Wrong Target

If you’re going to try and prove you’re big and bad…you  might want to make sure you really are before you attack random strangers. This dude ended up getting a painful lesson about respect. He won’t be doing that again. BOOM!!

VIA| A video has been circulating the Internet showing a thug picking a fight with a man who was simply minding his own business in a bus stop.

It is unclear where or when the video was shot, though it was uploaded to LiveLeak on Wednesday. It is possible that the man who was attacked is homeless because he was carrying what appeared to be a sleeping bag.

The intended victim punched the thug in the head, sending him to the ground where he punches him again for good measure. Apparently the thug didn’t learn his lesson because he got right back up and started throwing punches again.
The victim then punched the thug again, sending him sprawling into the street. At this point, the victim simply walked away from the fight.

The thug, and his friends who have been filming the whole thing cheering him on, followed the man. No additional punches were thrown, although it looks at several points like the thug very much wants to.

However he eventually gives up and walks away, probably very humiliated.

He just got destroyed in front of all of this friends, and now it’s on the Internet for everyone to see — including the police, who we sincerely hope are paying attention.


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