What These Thugs Did To Ronald Reagan’s Mural Will Make Your Blood Boil

2016 liberals proved they could be the most intolerant group of people in history. With constant acts of violence and vandalism, it is difficult to understand how many of them feel other than ape sh*t mad over welfare restrictions. So, it doesn’t come as much as a surprise to find they broke into a building and demolished a Ronald Reagan mural, making him look like a …cholo? What the hell is wrong with these people?

VIA| This just makes my blood boil. In North Carolina, vandals broke into the local Republican Party headquarters and took a marker to a mural of Ronald Reagan. They drew an upside down cross between his eyes… the tatted tears of a criminal by his right eye… ‘SSR’ down the side of his face and an ice cream cone on the other side (I have no idea what that is supposed to represent). That’s immensely disrespectful and was no doubt done by some young Marxist leftist. Reagan is arguably one of the greatest presidents in our history and this is just beyond shameful.

They kicked in a back door of the Wayne County GOP to get to the mural. Nothing was taken, but repairing the damage will be very costly. I guess they are trying to determine if there is any surveillance footage, so they can go after whoever did this. Before the election, someone firebombed a GOP office in Orange County. No one was injured in that October case. This was probably a swipe at Republicans in general, Reagan and President-elect Donald Trump.

They also scrawled profanity on the art. Classy. I so hope the police catch whoever did this and throw the book at them. If these kinds of attacks keep up from the left, it is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt or killed. North Carolina seems to have real issues these days.

“These are not acts of speech, they are acts of destruction and violence,” Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party, said in a statement. “Nothing good can possibly come from these events and they must be condemned. We continue to urge our local offices across the state to be in contact with local law enforcement to assist with protection of NC GOP volunteers and property.”


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