4 Chicago Teens Record Themselves Torturing A Young White Male With Special Needs, Because He White

In what could be one of the most gruesome racially motivated crimes by teens, 4 thugs thought it was a good idea to kidnap a special white kid for being white. It doesn’t stop there. They proceeded to Facebook Live the entire thing, as they scalp and torture him for hours. Cops arrested the teens only to find 7 more torture videos taken at the time of the kidnapping Welcome to Obama’s America, Folks. Here are the videos. (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

VIA| An 18-year-old girl who posted a Facebook Live video showing a man with special needs being tied up, tortured and beaten in a Chicago home is in police custody with three friends, authorities say.

Brittany Herring streamed the video live on Facebook on Tuesday while she and three men taunted and attacked the victim, a resident of a Chicago suburb, police said.

Along with Herring, who also goes by the name Brittany Covington, two unidentified males and a female are in custody. They are all 18.

The video shows the captors, who are black, making derogatory statements about Donald Trump and white people, but Chicago Police said Thursday morning they do not believe the victim, who is
white, was targeted because of his race.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Associated Press the attackers made some “terrible racist statements,’ but said investigators believe the victim was targeted because he “has special needs,” not because he’s white.


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