‘Women’s March On Washington’s Cause Is As Morbid As It Gets

It’s easy to say that a bunch of women got together with their closest girlfriends to ‘fight for women’s rights’ in Washington, but what they don’t want to tell you is the reality behind what they are marching for. Some of the sh*t they want women to be able to do to babies is SICK- and I don’t think even half of them know WHY they went out there. If so..they too are evil.

Check this out:

VIA| The Women’s March on Washington has taken sides. There will be no partnership between their efforts and pro-life organizations. And the argument between life and death for the unborn just crystallized.

Outraged by the inauguration of President-elect Trump, the organizers of what is estimated to be 200,000 “women’s rights are human rights” marchers, have made it clear they stand for the cavalier liquidation of life springing from the wombs of women across the nation.

Masked by the false narrative that women ought to be able to do what they wish with their own bodies, the pro-aborts are blind to the fact that the body growing within a woman’s womb is a completely different body, given life from God above at the moment of conception. The child has a different circulatory system, different blood, and different DNA, making arguments in favor of “women’s reproductive rights” anti-science, not to mention profoundly brutal.

Saline abortions — in which the child can be viewed on an ultrasound thrashing in immense pain as her skin burns — causes no sympathy from the pro-aborts. Nor do suction aspiration abortions induce a heartfelt tear, where the baby can be viewed (again, via ultrasound) trying to move away from the powerful vacuum that rips off her legs and arms before her body and head is crushed.

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